Uploading a Document

    Keeping a document in your online community can save you the trouble of emailing it for

    reviews or keeping it on a shared file system. In the community, your documents can be

    found when searched, bookmarked, and tracked using notifications.


    To upload a document:


    1. Click Create > Uploaded File.


    2. In the pop-up box, choose a place to post your document.


    3. Click the Browse button to browse to a document you'd like to upload.


    4. Type a description in the Description field and add tags to the Tags field to help people find the



    5. Visibility allows you to choose who can view your document. To keep it private, click the Just You radio

    button. To allow anyone in your community to view it, click the Open to anyone radio button. If you want

    only specific people to view it, click the Just Specific People radio button, then enter those people in

    the Who would you like to invite? field or click the Select People link to choose people from your



    6. Collaboration Options allow you to choose people who can edit and comment on your document. Click the

    + button next to Collaboration Options to expand the collaboration options menu. Select the radio button

    that corresponds to the option you'd like. To add only specific people, enter their names into the text field,

    or click the Select People link to the right of the text field to choose people from your community. You can

    choose to allow comments or to close your document from further comments under the Comment Policy



    7. Click Save draft to save your work to come back to later. Click Publish when you're ready for others to see

    your document.


    8. After you’ve saved or published a document, you’ll get a preview of the document that you

    can search, browse and comment on.


    9. Click the small yellow Add inline comment button on the upper right of your document to add a comment

    next to the text it's associated with.


    10.Once your document is published, you can manage it using the Actions menu on the right.