Create an Event

    To create an event:


    1. Click Create > Event.

    2. In the pop-up box that appears, choose a place to post your event.

    3. Type in the Event Name and provide a description of your event in the Description field.

    4. Select the Start Date and End Date of your event by clicking on the calendar icon located on the right of the field.

    5. Next, select the Start Time and End Time by directly typing into the fields provided. Please note: The default time zone is set to EDT (America/New_York).

    6. Select the Event Type using the drop down menu to select between Conference/ Demo/ Meeting/ Party/Trade Show/or Webinar.

    7. Next, select the Event Organizers and Contacts by clicking on the Select People link. Please note: By default, the creator of the event will be listed as one of the contacts. You can remove your name by clicking on (Remove) next to your name.

    8. In addition, you can add contact details by clicking on show contact details. Here, you can input the event email, phone, and url.

    9. Next, input the location information. Additionally, you can add location details by clicking on show location details.

    10. Select Event Visibility & Attendance Policy by clicking one of the radio buttons:

      • Open: All registered users can view and attend the event
      • Closed: All registered users can view and request an invitation. Invited users can view expanded event details.
      • Closed: Only users who have been invited to the event may view or attend the event.

    11. Add relevant tags to the Tags field so your event is easily searchable.

    12. Click Create event to publish your event.