How do I create a poll?

    Use polls to get instant feedback on a question.

    A poll is a fast and fun way to ask a multiple choice question in the community. When you create a poll, you define the question and the possible answers. For example, you could create a poll asking the community if your team should change a workflow process or create a bagel day on Fridays. Polls appear on the home page of the space it's created in. As people respond to the poll, results are shown graphically as colored bars. (A person can vote only once in the poll.)

    To create a poll:

    1. Click Create, then click Poll, and then select the space where you want the poll to live.
    2. Give the poll a title and description. The title will appear above the list of options in the published poll, so you should use it as the poll's question. For example, "Where should we have the holiday party?" The description will appear on the page that lists the poll's full results.
    3. Create answer choices. For example, choices for the holiday party poll might be, "In the office," "In a restaurant," "At someone's house," and so on.
    4. Set when the poll will first be available to other community members. You can make this now, or at a later date.
    5. Set when the poll should end. When the poll ends, it will stop being available for responses and people won't be able to vote anymore. People will still be able to view the poll's results.