How do I create an idea?

    When you've got an idea to share with the community, you create it the same way you create other content, such as a document. Here are the steps:

    1. Click Create > Idea.
    2. Choose the location in the community where you want to put your idea. For example, you could put it in a space, group, or project related to the idea. Keep in mind that some places might not have the idea feature enabled.
    3. Give the idea a title and type your idea into the big area under the title. Note that you can do special formatting just as you would for other content.When you're typing your idea's title, you might get a list of ideas with similar titles. This is a chance for you to avoid posting an idea that's already in the community. If you see something that looks similar, take a look at it before you save your idea.
    4. Attach any files you need by clicking Browse, selecting the file, and then Open for each file you want to attach.
    5. Set collaboration options if needed.
    6. Click Create Idea.