Customizing Group Layout

    To change your group layout:


    1. Navigate to the group you want to edit. Click on Customize from the main group overview page or click on Manage> Overview Page. Please Note: Only the group admin will have the option to customize their group page and only admins have access to this Manage option.


    2. The Edit Place Overview Page box will appear where you can select a layout out of the 14 templates.


    3. Next, select a widget category to browse through available widgets on the right column.


    4. Select a widget to learn more about it and to preview it on the right preview panel.


    5. Select the size of the widget by selecting Large/Small on the upper right corner of the preview panel.


    6. Drag and drop the widget of your choice by holding down the green Drag to Add button. Drop the widget once you see a faded green banner positioned where you would like to see your widget.


    7. Edit your widget by clicking on the inverted triangle located on the upper right corner of the widget box, and select Edit This Widget. Please note: Be sure to specify your group name under “Places” to make sure that the widget pulls in information only from your group.


    8. Click on Save Properties when you are finished editing your widget.


    9. Once you are done dragging and editing your widgets, click on the Publish Layout button to finalize your group layout.