BBL INVITE “Identify - Capture – Share: How Medellin organizes itself for knowledge sharing”, February 2, 12:30 - 2:00pm, MC 2-800

    Light lunch will be served

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016
    12:30 –2:00pm
    Venue MC 2-800

    1818 H Street NW

    Washington DC 20433

    Entrance at 700 18th Street, NW

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    Leadership, Learning, and Innovation’s Country Client Services Unit with the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practices

    Jointly invite you to a BBL on:

    “Identify - Capture – Share: How Medellin organizes itself for knowledge sharing”

    Opening Remarks

    Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Senior Director, Social Development, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (SURR) Global Practice


    Dr. Sergio Escobar, Executive Director, International Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin

    Enrique Maruri, Director of Demand, Presidential Agency for Cooperation of Colombia

    Maria Luisa Zapata, Deputy Director, International Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin


    Phil Karp, Lead Knowledge Management Officer, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (SURR) Global Practice


    Steffen Janus, Program Manager, Knowledge Sharing, Leadership, Learning, and Innovation

    Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, is a major exporter of flowers, textiles and increasingly, itself. In less than twenty years, Medellin has shed its past of drug violence and crime to become an example of urban transformation. The ‘City of Eternal Spring, is forging a new role for itself by exporting its expertise and hard earned lessons, from urban transportation to crime prevention and land use planning.

    This BBL elaborates how Medellin and Colombia have been organizing themselves to capture and share innovative policy solutions. Our guests are Ms. Maria Luisa Zapata, Deputy Director of the Agency for International Cooperation and Investment (ACI) of Medellin, and Mr. Enrique Maruri, Director of Demand at the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia (APC).  ACI has become one of the key institutions for sharing Medellin’s experiences around the world. In the past four years, it has attracted over $821 million in foreign direct investment for the city and the state of Antioquia region.  It has also established numerous technical cooperation partnerships with cities from around the world.  The Presidential Agency of Cooperation (APC) is a key player in the Colombian peace process, and is the agency tasked with coordinating Colombia's international cooperation initiatives.


    Dr. Sergio Escobar

    Dr. Sergio Escobar is the Executive Director of the International Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin. Before joining ACI he has held public service positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and in embassies abroad and in Italy, Costa Rica, the United Nations in New York, Brazil and Mexico, where he served as Second Secretary, Counselor and Ambassador. He has also been Director of Trade Promotion Organization PROEXPORT Offices in Costa Rica and Mexico. Dr. Escobar holds a law degree from the Faculty of Law at the Javeriana University and a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Jorge Tadeo Lozano both in Bogota. In addition, he holds LLMs in International Law and Diplomacy from the Diplomatic Academy of Itamaraty in Brazil. In his free time, he has been Professor on international trade topics and international relations at several leading universities in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and USA. He has been economic, political and commercial contributor in several Radio and TV networks like Radio 1020: CNN en Español, TELEMUNDO and MEGA TV, among others. 

    Enrique Maruri

    Is a professional in Finance and International Relations from the Externado University of Colombia (Bogota), with a Masters in Development Planning at University College London (London). He has a wide experience in development issues, having worked for Colombia Adaptation Fund, the World Bank, UNDP, the OAS and the multinational Aecom in economic and social issues, and on issues of knowledge sharing and International cooperation. He also served as Director of International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development, and Chairman of the Task Force on South-South Cooperation, created in the context of the Working Group on Aid Effectiveness of the OECD.

    Maria Luisa Zapata

    Is the Deputy Director for international Cooperation and charge d ’affairs for knowledge management at the Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellín.  For 8 years, she has worked in ACI promoting local development in Medellin through the establishment of international cooperation alliances. She holds an International business negotiation and innovation degree from EAFIT University in Medellin and has completed Post graduate in geopolitics and in managing of social development institutions.