Cities in Focus – Singapore

    Cities in Focus – Singapore




    The first of our Cities in Focus series looks at Singapore, an island city-state that is renowned for its long-term, integrated approach to urban planning. While the phrase “Transit-Oriented Development” is not widely used in Singapore’s planning vernacular, the city’s approach to planning and urban design adopts many of the principles that TOD stands for, including high-density, mixed-use developments at transit nodes, people-centric public spaces, integrated public transport systems, the promotion of walking and cycling and measures to curb private vehicle demand. The articles, presentations and technical documents below provide an introduction to urban and transport planning systems in Singapore, from the strategic integration of land use and transport to the site-specific level of technical land sales requirements in Marina Bay. We also invite you to watch the video of a presentation on the integrated land use and transport planning approach, delivered during Urban Week in March 2016 by the Director of Local Planning from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, Mr. Kenneth Wong.


    Integration of Transport and Land Use Plans in Singapore, Mr. Kenneth Wong


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    Singapore recently played host to the World Bank’s Urban Week, a series of events organized by the Bank in partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and key Singapore partners from both the government and non-government sectors. Urban Week set out to connect the Bank, its clients and officials from more than 20 cities with expertise in the fields of urban planning and management in Singapore. As part of the week’s events, the CoP, in collaboration with WRI, organized a half-day thematic learning session on TOD, which showcased presentations by city practitioners and experts on TOD at the city, corridor and station area scales, covering a wide array of experience from Africa, East Asia and Latin America. The full agenda, presentation materials and videos can be found here.