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    The Partnership on Sustainable Urbanization website features outputs funded through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Sustainable Urban Development (MDTF SUD) and more, including:


    • Urbanization Reviews that are influencing urban policies around the world and spawning follow-up investments
    • Cutting-edge spatial data analysis
    • Valuable research to fill key knowledge gaps
    • News and events related to MDTF SUD activities


    We invite you to browse and share our outputs, connect with experts, and learn about all the exciting initiatives supported by the Partnership.


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    About the MDTF SUD

    The MDTF SUD finances global, national and regional initiatives through analytical work for project development, institutional strengthening and knowledge partnerships on urban poverty and sustainable urban development. Since its establishment in 2014, the MDTF SUD has been the main source of external support for World Bank urban work.

    The MDTF SUD is a partnership of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the UK Department for International Development, the Government of Norway and the World Bank.


    For more, see our 2017 Progress Report and a 2016 Independent Evaluation of the MDTF.



    Previous Reports:

    2016 Progress Report

    2015 Progress Report


       MDTF SUD Progress Report FY 2017