Towards Scaling Up of ElectricityAccess: Summary and Policy Recommendations from OASYS South Asia Project

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    This book provides a summary of outputs from the OASYS South Asia research project, carried out under EPSRC/DFID funded research project on off-grid electrification in South Asia. The lessons from the studies are first presented, followed by a set of policy recommendations. Overall, the project finds and demonstrates that off-grid electrification can be an appropriate option for remote areas. However, no single solution fits all situations and a phased development process is more appropriate to take care of different levels of needs, local contexts, and resource availability. Given that mini-grid based local delivery systems can cater to household needs and productive loads, such an option can constitute an effective service delivery option for reliable and good quality electricity in rural areas. While lessons can be learnt from pilot projects, mass electrification requires scaling up of successful initiatives by providing a supportive environment. Ten policy recommendations distilled from various studies undertaken through OASYS South Asia project can guide us in the right direction.