[P107027] Concept Note - National Affordable Housing Policy and Subsidies in Egypt

    The objective of this Policy Note, in response to two requests from HE the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and HE the Minister of Investment, is to assist the GOE in its efforts to: (a) formulate policies to address existing distortions that prevent limited income households from accessing affordable housing in urban areas and affect the efficiency of the overall urban housing market, including recommending improvements to the existing institutional/regulatory framework, and housing subsidy mechanisms; and (b) put in 6 place mechanisms to effectively implement the National Affordable Housing Program target of 500,000 housing units through proposing improvements to the two existing implementation instruments, namely the NHAPA and GSF. The Policy Note would develop in conjunction with key stakeholders at the Ministries of Housing and Investment an implementation action plan with short, medium/long term measures.