Rwanda Vision 2020

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    The Vision 2020 is a reflection of our aspiration and determination as

    Rwandans, to construct a united, democratic and inclusive Rwandan

    identity, after so many years of authoritarian and exclusivist dispensation.

    We aim, through this Vision, to transform our country into middle - income

    nation in which Rwandans are healthier, educated and generally more

    prosperous. The Rwanda we seek is one that is united and competitive

    both regionally and globally.


    To achieve this, the Vision 2020 identifies six interwoven pillars, including

    good governance and an efficient State, skilled human capital, vibrant

    private sector, world class physical infrastructure and modern agriculture

    and livestock, all geared towards prospering in national, regional and

    global markets.


    This Vision is a result of a national consultative process both at inception,

    between 1997 and 2000 and in 2012 when the Vision was revised. The

    discussions and debates involved Rwandans from all walks of life, including

    leadership from all levels in the business community, government,

    academia and civil society.


    More than a decade since implementation of the vision began, the results

    speak for themselves. Out of the 47 indicators in the original Vision

    2020; 26% (12) have already been achieved. The successes come as a

    result of a collaborative effort between Rwanda and our partners. It is a

    demonstration of what can be achieved when we give value to ourselves

    and the work we do, when we strive to find solutions from the strengths

    of our culture. The efforts and determination of the Rwandan people

    have necessitated revision of our targets upwards to match our growing

    ambition and to demonstrate our unwavering resolve to make a better

    livelihood for all Rwandans.


    Vision 2020 is a shared purpose for all Rwandans. We need to constantly

    remind ourselves how our work – in our individual capacities, communities,

    business and public institutions – contributes towards realizing this Vision.

    Like all achieving societies whose success is generally inspired by a shared

    purpose, our Vision 2020 constitutes a bond that holds Rwandans as a

    people determined to build a better future.


    I am certain that Vision 2020 will continue to inspire us to achieve our

    goals, and that our Vision is clearly and powerfully stated – thus setting

    in motion the vital energy and the sense of urgency needed for its

    realization. I thank all Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda who will play

    their part to making our Vision realizable.


    Paul KAGAME


    President of the Republic of Rwanda