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    Restriction & Controlled Use of Hazardous & Toxic Substances for Industries

    From the Bangladesh Bank  statistics it is seen that in 2014-15 organic chemicals were imported at 594.4 million USD or about 4617 crore which is 1.6% % of the total import, while Misc Chemicals were imported at  USD 401 m or BDT 3114.8 crore or 1.1% of the total , while  Inorganic Chemicals, organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements or of isotopes import was crore 2179.5 or USD 280.7 million( 0.7%) of the total, meaning about 3.4% ( USD 1275 m or $1.3 bn)of our total import are Chemicals.  The chemicals are imported from different countries but a significant proportion of them are imported from India and China. There could be some unofficial import of Chemicals.  There are a few domestic industries are producing chemicals. A number of formulation companies are also in existence. People use hazardous chemicals without knowing is proper use and substances of these chemicals.

    BUILD organized a Focus Group discussion on Restriction & Controlled Use of Hazardous Substances for Industries inviting a number of private, govt. and professional players to  get their opinions in this regards so that some policies can be suggested to the government to prohibit  and reduce use of polluting and hazardous  chemicals in the country. The 9+2 chemical group includes 166+ substances are affecting the Global Environment and Ecosystem through non-soluble Micro pollutant abstracts &  Hazardous Substances are used in Textile and Leather Factories in Bangladesh frequently.

    The Non soluble discharge of these substances are affecting the Environment & causing some chorionic diseases. These chemicals are banned or restricted in the EU and North American countries since 70’s, and some other countries are already on the way for taking strict measures including banning or restricting the level of tolerable limit  of hazardous substances.

    In Bangladesh these hazardous substances are being used which are threatening the environment and health. The hazardous substances of chemical which are imported to use in different stages of production, we may take some  more precaution. Non-soluble substances are direct threat to environment through micro pollutants. Macro pollutant can be managed but non soluble micro pollutants are not manageable without restricting its use. The substances are not only threat for environment, it also affecting the cycle of living beings on earth through contaminating the water directly and eventually getting into our body.

    Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical (ZDHC) has taken initiatives to identify the hazardous substances and their environment friendly substitutes.   Manufacturing Restricted Substances List(MRSL) has been developed by ZDHC where all the substances has been identified and listed with specific Chemical Abstracts Service(CAS) number, commercial Formulation  Limit for the substances also has been mentioned clearly. MRSL is treated as a new standard for chemical management tool. BUILD has identified a number of measures through this FGD and willing to suggest for a chemical sue policy and create awareness about the use of these hazardous chemicals.