Message to External Members

    Dear Poverty and Social Impact Analysis Online Community Members,


    Thank you for participating in our community. Your contributions and insights help ensure that our community remains vibrant and its content and discussions are valuable for all members. 


    We write to let you know that Collaboration for Development (C4D) will be switching to a new platform effective mid-September. Most of our current content and collaboration features will transition to the new platform, which will have an enhanced look and feel. This transition will bring a few changes that you should know about (For more details, check out the attached PPT):


    • After the launch, all C4D users must login to access content or participate in C4D communities. It will no longer be possible to browse C4D communities as a guest without logging in. Registered Users: Please note that you will have to reset your password when you login to the updated platform for the first time.
    • New Members: Register by creating an account and password.



    In addition, to minimize any disruption, we recommend that you do the following to prepare for the transition:


    • Save any draft documents or personal documents to your personal drive, or publish them in your community. For more information, please view the attached tipsheet.


    • Two weeks prior to the launch, C4D will undergo a read-only period. During this period, you will still be able to log in and read content on the platform. Exact dates will be shared as soon as they become available.


    We will be happy to answer your questions or provide you with more information about the upcoming changes. We look forward to collaborating with you in our community in the future.


    Best wishes,


    Rodolfo Gaspar