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    Climate dialogue: Bridging gaps in understanding

    Ferdaus Ara Begum

    Dialogue is the only means to resolve complex issues peacefully. Climate dialogue has so far seen heated debates on contentious issues. World leaders have been spending a significant proportion of their time to have dialogues and discuss about global warming and responsibilities of the most pollutant countries.  The Paris agreement was reached in December 2015 after a lengthy dialogue.

    The largest annual conference of parties (COP22) -the sustainable innovation forum 2016-- is scheduled to take place during the second week of November in Marrakech, Morocco.  In this climate dialogue and conference, the private sector is getting more and more importance as a significant proportion of funding is expected from it.  Bangladesh, as a least developed country, has also contributed a lot. The government is seriously concerned over climate change and is taking full care of its capabilities, commitment for Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) at 5.0 per cent without external support and 15 per cent if external support is available as business-as-usual case. This has been appreciated by the world community.

    The last conference was held in Bonn, Germany in May 2016 where the LDC issues were discussed with a special focus on a good quality national adaptation plan.

    In the COP21 discussion, the political agenda of the large countries to take recourse to safe position were visible while LDC issues are sometimes bypassed.  A number of 'shall' has been substituted at the last stage by 'should'.  In some very pertinent areas, say finance, loss and damage, no decision was taken and in this respect ratification of the Paris agreement by the big polluter countries would be very important. It is expected that Bangladesh would lead a large delegation to the upcoming COP but private sector representatives and representatives from all other related sectors of water, energy and agriculture would probably need to be engaged to get benefits of climate change dialogue.........