MDTF SUD Progress Report FY 2016

    Since its inception, the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Sustainable Urban Development (MDTF SUD) has funded research, analysis and tools to provide that essential foundation and help position the World Bank to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

    Results to date include:

    • Thirteen Urbanization Reviews, 7 urban policy outputs and 17 Operationalizing Urbanization Review products for countries from all regions.
    • Every dollar allocated to Urbanization Review activities has contributed to leveraging USD 409 in lending projects.
    • Applied research outputs – developed in partnership with two of the world’s leading academic institutions, the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford – include 25 working papers on spatial development across three regions, policy narratives on six African cities, and one upcoming flagship report on spatial development in Africa.
    • Participation in 23 international events in 30 months has given the research outputs wide exposure. The MDTF SUD has produced a robust body of data including satellite imagery, night‐time lights analysis, land classification layers for GIS, databases that integrate digitized maps, and specially commissioned geo‐referenced household surveys. These data sources allow policy makers to visualize evolving patterns of urbanization both from a 10,000 feet perspective and at street level.


    This Progress Report highlights many of these results. In particular, it provides an in-depth look at the Urbanization Reviews funded by the MDTF SUD, the impact they have had, and how the tool is evolving. It also gives an overview of the 21 research papers that have been published in FY 2016.