MDTF SUD Independent Evaluation Presentation 2016

    An Independent Evaluation of the MDTF SUD by Pablo Vaggione published in September 2016 (Presentation November 23, 2016)


    Much has been written about the magnitude, complexity and opportunity associated with urbanization. Its importance as a foremost development issue of the hour has been recognized in the Sustainable Development Goals, which, for the first time, include an explicit urban goal. Timely, the analytical work under the MDTF is providing evidence in support of a shift in the approach to cities, to making them a key part of the growth agenda. The fundamental value proposition of the MDTF - filling data, knowledge and diagnostics gaps to redefine urban form as a driver of productivity ‐ could not be more relevant.


    In its short existence, the MDTF can report significant achievements. The amount of work completed is superlative. Activities related to diagnostics have to a large extent met performance targets, while the activities relevant to data and applied research that are measurable at this point show positive results.


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