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    I am a new member. How do I get started?

    Onboarding Resources

    • Learn about the features of the Collaboration for Development (C4D) platform - click here.
    • Complete "Getting Started" tutorial - click here.


    Get Started


    Take Action

    • Write a document
    • Upload a file
    • Start a discussion
    • Add new event
    • Write a blog post
    • Participate.
      • Read then "Comment" or "Reply" to content, blogs, or questions posted by colleagues
      • You can also "Like", "Rate", "Bookmark" and "Share" others' content
      • If you see a discussion thread that you are interested in then click "Follow" so you  get update as others comment or reply.
      • Tag documents, make it easier to find the content
    • Connect with other experts
      • Click on the names of colleagues who are actively posting content.
      • Review their "profiles"
      • Learn more about what they have written, their interests, experience and expertise
      • Build your network


    The Knowledge Hub policies


    If you have additional questions  contact us please. We will add new onboarding tutorial for you.