D.C. launches the District Mobility Project. Find out how your commute compares to others.

    Dear Colleagues,


    D.C. has recently launched an interesting urban mobility project. Description from the project's website:


    "The District Mobility Project responds to a request from the DC Council to assess the state of congestion for all surface modes in the District and identify actions to address that congestion. Broadening that vision, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) sought to better quantify and qualify the state of its transportation system performance from a holistic multimodal perspective. This entails measurement of the transportation system’s congestion, reliability, and accessibility. That data is then used to identify near-term strategies and areas to focus on to help address mobility issues. As projects to address these issues are completed, their results will be assessed and new areas of need identified. This iterative process will allow the District Mobility Project to keep pace with the District’s evolving landscape."

    You can check the tool here.


    Could this be useful for our clients?