Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Knowledge Hub?

    We define a Knowledge Hub as an organization or a network, dedicated to share and exchange expertise on road asset management.  Knowledge Hubs facilitates mutual learning about successful and innovative approaches that may be adapted and scaled up elsewhere.

    2. What do Knowledge Hubs do?

    Knowledge Hub institutions are mainly working on three distinct tasks:

    a. They actively engage in knowledge exchange.

    b. They capture, organize and "package" RAM solutions in such a way that they can be transferred just-in-time to where they are needed most;

    c. They coordinate with domestic and international partners on their needs and supply of know-how,


    3. Who are the members?

    The RAM Community caters to policy-makers and transport practitioner and road experts interested or involved in creating, scaling up and consolidating knowledge hubs as a critical tool for effective development cooperation.

    4. How can I invite colleagues and friends?

    New members can be invited to join the RAM knowledge hub through the "Invite People to Join" option in the "Get Involved" box on the right column of the RAM homepage

    5. I would like to share publications and other material, so how and where can I upload?

    Any member can upload a document or file using the "Upload a document" function on the front page.