Newsletter 3 (Feb 2017): Upcoming conferences relevant to TOD

    The Community of Practice may wish to keep tabs on upcoming conferences that will focus on key aspects of TOD – both the public transit and the urban design sides of implementation:


    • On 15-17 May 2017, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit will take place in Montreal, Canada ( The theme of this year’s conference is “Lead the TRANSITion” and aims to inform participants in the transit sector about the rapid changes in technology that are changing the urban transport sector – from app-based transport network companies (TNCs) to ongoing vehicle electrification to upcoming autonomous vehicles. While the entire conference is related, some parallel sessions would have more direct relevance to TOD:
      • Parallel Session 1: Planning, design, and construction of mass transit systems
      • Workshop 4: What can cycling do for public transport?
      • Parallel Session 5: Transformative transport: planning urban transport for better cities
      • Parallel Session 9: Dealing with informal transport across the world
      • Workshop 8: Paratransit: building the inclusive transportation chain
      • Workshop 11: Transport aggregators and their role in developing cities
      • Lunch Session 3: Serving the suburbs with autonomous vehicles
      • Parallel Session 13: Urban transition, planning neighbourhood for people
      • Workshop 13: Creating a practical model of land value capture


    • On 3-6 May 2017, the 25th Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU25) will meet in Seattle (  to discuss sustainable urban planning and design. While primarily focused on developed countries and the United States in particular, lessons may still be relevant for TOD practitioners aiming to implement best practice design. Some relevant sessions include:
      • Core Session: Equitable Transit-Oriented Development
      • Core Session: Street Networks & Connectivity
      • Utilizing Affordable Housing to Catalyze TOD