Newsletter 3 (Feb 2017): Upcoming E-Learning Opportunities on TOD

    To go beyond the newsletter, there are related e-learning opportunities on TOD.


    Outline of WRI/WB TOD Corridor Course


    To provide a more structured way to learn about the principles and implementation of transit-oriented development, the World Bank has been working with WRI Ross Centre on Sustainable Cities to develop an in-depth 7 module course. The content is currently being finalized, and it should be published on the WB E-learning portal by the end of March 2017. The modules include:

    • Introduction to TOD – covering the basics and history of the concept
    • TOD Corridors – how to plan for TOD on a transit corridor scale (a recommended scale)
    • The Building Blocks for TOD – needed policies and frameworks to plan and implement
    • Design Components for TOD – design best practices for effective implementation
    • Financing TOD – Ways to make it feasible to build transit and sustainable districts
    • Sequencing for Implementation – recommendations on phasing TOD areas
    • Inclusive TOD – how TOD can contribute to social needs and affordable housing
    • Monitoring and Evaluation – how to measure success



    Other WB E-Learning Modules


    In addition to the upcoming course, other opportunities are currently available on-demand from the E-Learning Portal: