LUTP self-study material

    The learning topics are grouped into seven Clusters. Each Cluster is comprised of three to four Modules, each one covering a learning topic. You are required to study all 24 Modules in the seven Clusters. You can access the study materials by clicking on the topic links below. When you click on a link, you will open a PDF presentation on the selected topic. You can read the presentation on your computer or print the presentation for personal reading.

    The PowerPoint presentation is saved as a PDF in the notes format. One slide is shown per page. A copy of the slide is shown on the top half of the page. Extensive commentary about the slide is provided on the bottom half of the page to assist you in gaining further insight when viewing the presentation.

    Each PowerPoint presentation begins with a short exercise. There is no right or wrong answer — the purpose of the exercise is to get you thinking about the topic. You should spend about five minutes on the exercise before continuing to the learning topic materials.




    Cluster 1 — Introduction and Overview


    Module 1 — Growing Problems of Urban Transport


    Module 2 — Complexity of Urban Transport


    Module 3 — Conceptual Framework for Urban Transport


    Module 4 — Integration of Land Use and Transport Planning




    Cluster 2 — Methodologies


    Module 1 — Factors Influencing Transport Demand


    Module 2 — Introduction to Network Design


    Module 3 — Public Transport Systems Integration




    Cluster 3 — Governance


    Module 1 — Policy Issues in Urban Transport


    Module 2 — Role of Government in Public Transport


    Module 3 — Institutional Arrangements for Urban Transport




    Cluster 4 — Public Transport and Complementary Services


    Module 1 — Choosing Rapid Transport Alternatives


    Module 2 — The Role of ITS in Public Transport


    Module 3 — The Importance of Communications in Public Transport




    Cluster 5 — Beyond Public Transport


    Module 1 — Parking Planning and Management


    Module 2 — Pedestrians and Transit Oriented Development


    Module 3 — The Pedestrian Environment and Non-Motorized Transport


    Module 4 — Urban Freight: The New Urban Economy




    Cluster 6 — Financing and PPP


    Module 1 — Financing Urban Transport Investments


    Module 2 — Financing Urban Transport Services



    Moodule 3 — Contracting Urban Transport Service




    Cluster 7 — Social and Environmental Issues


    Module 1 — Energy Efficiency Issues


    Module 2 —Environmental Issues


    Module 3 — Safety Issues


    Module 4 — The Socio-economic Dimensions of Urban Transport



    You should complete the final assignment after reading the presentations.