Capacity Building in CDD Programs - Manoj Nath - March 2017

    BBL: Building Strong Local Capacity for CDD Programs: Experience and Strategies from the Field

    • Tuesday, March 21, 2017  || Washington, DC


    Community-Driven Development (CDD) programs emphasize local capacity to plan, implement, and monitor local development initiatives, and require specialized skills among local level government staff and consultants to facilitate and support these programs. These skills include social analysis, community organization, facilitation, planning, budgeting, engineering, procurement, financial management, and operations and maintenance. Delivering such a wide range of trainings, to such varied audiences, often across geographically and ethnically diverse contexts, calls for different approaches and delivery channels. From different generations of CDD programs globally, lessons are emerging on how capacity building and training activities work in different contexts.


    Manoj Nath, International Development Consultant, presented. Susan Wong, CDD Global Lead, chaired the session.