2016 - Armenia, Major Challenge for Armenia’s Transport Security (Armenian Journal of Political Science).pdf

    The article analyzes the key issues of transport and logistics policy of Armenia in the context of integration into the international corridors TRACECA and the "North-South".


    It identifies the major geopolitical factors impeding the integration process, as well as determines the basic threats to Armenia's transport safety as an important component of national security.


    The article emphasizes the potential role of Armenia in the implementation of the TRACECA transport corridor in case of the Armenian-Turkish border opening and launching of the international logistics center "Akhuryan". The article explores the prospects of Armenia's integration into the international "North-South" transport corridor through the construction of Iran-Armenia railway, and introduces the competitive features of the Qazvin-Rasht-Astara railway project. It meanwhile stresses the negative impact of the regional conflicts in the integration prospects of Armenia. The article further reveals that the Georgian seaports are the main transportation gateway for the integration of Armenia under the conditions of the blockade, and concludes by analyzing the main sea routes Armenia uses for trading purposes with the outside world.


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