2012 – Armenia, Intermodal project, Transport Infrastructures to approximate the Yerevan international airport Zvartnots.pdf

    Armenia is a landlocked country, so any additional actions directed to the development of the existing and foreseen infrastructures at the airport (cargo/passenger terminal, logistic center, Free Economic Zone, etc.) will greatly contribute to the improvement of customs, trade and other services. Accordingly, the project itself has a very significant cross border impact.


    Armenia has never had an International Logistic Centre and this is the Government’s first attempt to establish a Free Economic Zone in the country. In outlining these plans the Government has considered the geographical-political location of the country, the necessity of a sufficient transport hub (due to the increase in the volume of cargo loads), as well as the fact that approximately 60% of Armenian citizens have settled in Yerevan and its suburbs. After reviewing several additional factors the Government has come to the conclusion that project implementation requires urgent and complete attention.



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