2017 – Armenia, Road Project, Rehabilitation and improvement of the Vanadzor - Alaverdi - Georgian border interstate road (M-6)

    Rehabilitation and improvement of the Vanadzor - Alaverdi - Georgian border interstate road (M6)


    Road Project - The M6 highway is considered as one of the most strategic roads for internal and external trade between Armenia and Georgia.


    The road from Vanadzor to the Georgian border, passing through Alaverdi, is situated along the valley of the Debed river.

    Significant transit traffic from and to Armenia is served by the M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian border interstate road.

    Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030
    • Freight: 1.900 tonnes/day
    • Passengers: 1.400 cars/day
    Technical description
    The main objective of the Project is to rehabilitate and reconstruct the M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgia border interstate road between Vanadzor in central Armenia and Bagratashen at the North eastern border between Armenia and Georgia, whose current conditions result in the increase of the transport cost for the road users, specifically freight transport.  Its tortuous alignment, constrained by the Debed river itself and the railway line directed to Georgia, is unsafe and insufficient for long-term transit traffic. The total length of the road section is 90,07 km. The road has 2 lanes. Along the existing road there are 12 bridges and culverts and 3 tunnels that show evident and serious signs of deterioration and will need repair or reconstruction. The project also includes a road safety allocation aimed at removing "black spots" located on the road network throughout Armenia.
    Investment amount
    • NIF Grant: 3 mln EUR
    • Part 1: 48 mln EUR (ADB)
    • Part 2: 51 mln EUR granted by EIB (European Investment Bank) under the project "Armenia M6 interstate road" on January 2016
    Implementation schedule
    Construction is expected to commence in Q1 2017 and be completed by Q1 2020
    The designs are completed and the project approved by the EIB board. The project is ready for the implementation
    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
    The M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian border interstate road will keep its role as the main transport corridor for international traffic flows between Armenia and Eastern Partnership countries and EU Member States. The project contributes to:
    • Meeting increasing traffic demand, reducing congestion and improving levels of service on the Project route;
    • Reducing road user costs, including vehicle operating costs, and increasing time savings;
    • Improving road safety conditions by reducing the number of accidents;
    • Supporting economic development and regional integration;
    • Providing improved conditions for transit traffic.
    The project is to be implemented along the existing alignment. Little land acquisition is expected.
    Source of funding
    EIB (European Investment Bank)

    ADB (Asian Development Bank)


           - Project fiche 49244-002, procurement plan, loan agreement


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