2013-19 – Armenia, Road Project, Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project

    2013-19 – Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project

    Road Project - The Project Development Objective is to improve access of rural communities to markets and services through upgrading of selected lifeline roads, and to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Transport and Communication to manage the lifeline road network. Lifeline roads are roads which provide a minimum of one transport connection between a community and a main road or between a community and a marz center, excluding interstate roads and roads which connect large cities. The roads rehabilitated under the project are not limited geographically and are spread throughout the Republic of Armenia.

    Technical description

    The project aims to rehabilitate about 360 km of lifeline roads (as of December 2015, about 73 km have been rehabilitated). The roads included in the project are roads in poor to very poor condition in need of rehabilitation. Much of the deterioration is related to environmental factors, exacerbated by poor drainage design and maintenance practice.

    The project will repair pavements on the existing alignment, including the repair and/or upgrade the drainage facilities within the alignments as well as small bridges/culverts if needed. The design will include provision of safety features such as guardrails, pavement markings, sidewalks in urban areas, etc. The design will use International design standards rather than Armenian standards to get solutions appropriate for the actual and forecast traffic volumes and local conditions.

    The project enjoys strong commitment from the Government. The Government's co-finances 20 percent of the project costs, and allocates annual maintenance budget for all roads rehabilitated under the project.

    Investment amount

    USD $85mln

    Implementation schedule

    Expected time period for the implementation of project (2013-2019). Project completion date is 30 December 2019.


    The project has two sources of financing. The original loan has disbursed 88%, 73km of roads have been completed; another 135 km have been rehabilitated and are under the defect liability period. The additional financing for the project was approved in July 2015, and has not yet been declared effective. Currently, detailed designs for the first batch of Additional Financing roads are being prepared.

    The project has Environmental and Social Management Framework, and Environmental Management Plans for each section rehabilitated under the project. EMPs for the AF-Year 1 roads are currently being prepared.

    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other

    Project development objective indicators are:

    • Increased average speed on lifeline roads in project areas
    • Development and use of RAMS within MOTC to support decision making on LRN
    • Increased share of rural population with access to an all-season road
    • Increased number of rural people with access to an all season road, disaggregated by gender
    • Increased user's perception of improved access to markets and services.

    Source of funding

    World Bank


    2012 – World Bank report, Armenia - Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project

    2012 – World Bank report, Armenia, Lifeline Road Network Improvement Project, additional financing


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