2015 – Armenia, Road Project, M3 Turkish border - Margara - Vanadzor-Tashir- Georgian

    M3 Turkish border - Margara - Vanadzor-Tashir- Georgian


    Road Project – The highway starts at the "North-South" highway - from bypass area of Ashtarak, passes through Aparan, Spitak, Stepanavan, Tashir and ends before reaching the checkpoint of Gogavan.

    Demand estimation from IDEA II-EaP transport model year 2030

    Freight: 800 tonnes/day

    Passengers: 2200 cars/day

    Technical description

    The highway consists of 2 areas, 95.2 km (Ashtarak-Pushkin tunnel), 36.0 km (v.Gargar – before reaching the checkpoint of Gogavan) which, corresponds to M3 Turkish border –Margara-Vanadzor – Georgian border road km 40+000 up to km 135+900, km 140+900 up to km 176+900 sections in the road network of the Republic of Armenia.

    The total length of sections proposed for rehabilitation is 131.2 km, the average intensity – 6950 vehicle/day, coefficient of roughness, IRI = 6.20 mm / m. The cover is in very poor condition, there are many holes and slope collapses of ground road, drainage is not ensured in some parts, a large number of security elements are missing. It was last rehabilitated in 1996-1998.

    Two sections of the highway with a total length of 10.6 km were rehabilitated in 2015 and in 2016-2017 Pushkin tunnel is planned to be rehabilitated. A complex area-city Spitak (needed a bypass road).


    Investment amount

    105.0 million EUR.


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