2016 - Road project, M6, Vanadzor - Dilijan road improvement (ADB project fiche 49244-002).pdf

    The Asian Development Bank is working with Armenia to rehabilitate the M6 Vanadzor–Alaverdi–Georgian Border Interstate Road. The project is improving a key road in the north of the country running from Vanadzor northeast through Alaverdi and Ayrum to the Georgian border.


    The proposed project will improve a strategic regional link between Armenia (Vanadzor) and Georgia Border (Bagratashen), one of the most heavily traveled roads for internal and external trade. It will rehabilitate and upgrade 51.5 kilometers (km) of the two-lane M6 highway from Vanadzor to the border with Georgia at Bagratashen, improve facilities and safety along and in the vicinity of this road section in northern Armenia, strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies (MOTCIT).


    Armenia''s economy relies heavily on trade with neighboring countries through one border crossing with Iran at Meghri and two major border crossings with Georgia at Bavra and Bagratashen. Bavra is at the north end of the ongoing North -South Road Corridor Investment Program financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The North- South road corridor will mainly serve cross-border freight traffic to western Georgia and the Black Sea ports. Bagratashen is connected to the country's national network via the two-lane M6 highway, which will be upgraded by the proposed project. The M6 is a vital link connecting Armenia with Georgia and beyond. It is the shortest link between the respective capitals, Yerevan in Armenia and Tbilisi in Georgia. In 2014, the Bagratashen border crossing point handled 0.85 million tons of import and export freight, representing 49% of the total import freight tonnage and goods by road. Several international financial institutions are working jointly to improve border crossing efficiency and develop integrated border management systems in Armenia, including improvements at Bagratashen. The project is crucial to the country's trade and economy, and will be indispensable in the long term.



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