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    Vanadzor - Dilijan road improvement (M8)

    Road Project - The proposed highway is part of a transit destination West from East, connecting the above 1st and 2nd highways as well as Dilijan and Vanadzor.


    Technical description



    The project focuses on the upgrade of the M8 road section from km 10.5 to km 42.0.

    • Length: 31.5 km
    • Number of lanes: 2
    • Number of bridges: 4
    • Number of tunnels: 0

    The alignment of the road network corresponds to
    M8 Vanadzor - Dilijan road, km 10 + 500 to km
    42 + 000 section.

    The highway length is 31.5 km the average intensity, 1574 vehicle / day, coefficient of roughness, IRI = 6.14 mm / m.


    The cover is in very poor condition, there are many holes, residues, insufficient visibility curves, stone fragments, a large number of security elements are missing. Last time it was renovated in 2003.

    Investment amount
    The initial cost of rehabilitation of the highway is 25.2 million Euro.
    2016 - Priority transport projects in the republic of Armenia (AMT)



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