2013 - Armenia, International Logistics Centre (ILC) at Zvartnots international airport, Project Fact Sheet (LOGMOS).pdf

    Region: Caucasus

    Country: Armenia

    Location: Zvartnots International Airport

    Area: 36 ha

    Mode: Intermodal (Road/Rail/Air)

    Investment Volume: EUR 24.4 M

    Project Status: Defined as Priority Project by the Armenian Government, first steps towards implementation taken


    The Government of Armenia has decided to include the project into the list of priority projects in the transport sector. In 2011-12 new road access to the area was designed and coordinated with on-going road ADB-financed infrastructure projects in and around Yerevan (North-South corridor project and Yerevan city centre by-pass). This was supported by the LOGMOS project.


    The Concessionaire of Zvartnots airport, Armenia International Airports CJSC, has finalised a design study for new railway access linking the ILC, the Free Economic Zone, the fuel farm of the airport and the new passenger terminal to Masis railway station and the city centre.



    EaP countries, Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea, Master Plan

    The objective of the LOGMOS Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive vision of strategic directions, guiding TRACECA beneficiaries and EU stakeholders to enhance operational logistics and MoS dimensions of TRACECA. The Master Plan is also a comprehensive framework for action to streamline the agenda of external aid interventions in TRACECA.

    Project fiches: Armenia (Zvartnots, Airport) Azerbaijan (Alyat, Sea Port) Georgia (Tbilisi, ILC) Moldova (Marcelesti, ILC) Ukraine (Boryspil, ILC)



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