Why Choose Business Edge?

    The Business Edge Program has 5 distinctive features that allow us to offer our clients a wide range of highly customized services.

    These features are:

    1. Process: Our project management process comprises four stages: analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation. By working on our projects in this methodical manner, we are able to create solutions that have demonstrable, measurable impact on real-world performance.

    2. Methodology: Our training design & delivery methodology incorporates principles of Kolb learning cycle and experiential learning, with emphasis on workplace application of learned skills.

    3. Capacity Building: We have mapped out trainer facilitation skills into 40  subskills by which we train, assess and certify our trainers. We further build the competencies of our network of trainers by offering modularized skill development  in training needs analysis, instructional design and developmentcourse customization, learning transfer through on-the-job coaching, and training impact assessment. Similarly, we build the skills of our partners in trainer assessment, program quality assurance, sales & marketing, and business development.

    4. Course Creation: We have licensed content as well as developed our own curriculum based on international best practices for SME management. We source local content from our training partners to develop new, relevant, practical coursework on an ongoing basis.

    5. Quality Assurance: We have procedures in place to monitor and evaluate each part of our program: evidence-based criteria for assessment of the competencies of our trainers and partners;  employment of recognized content experts on our content development teams; careful piloting and ongoing monitoring of our course content and delivery; rigorous impact assessment of our training programs; large-scale studies and continuous research on SME needs and trends.