Business Edge Services

    Having access to the World Bank Group staff at global and country levels, and to carefully selected and assessed consultants, master trainers, training providers, and trainers, we can offer the following services to our clients:

    • Off-the-Shelf Training: Our training partners can deliver off-the-shelf Business Edge courses to meet your training needs.
    • Tailored Off-the-Shelf Training: Our training partners can adapt our courses to incorporate your organization's specific processes, tools, and practices for the training solutions to have internal alignment and lasting impact.
    • Custom Content Development: Our master trainers and instructional designers, often the top experts in their field, can create new training content (according to the principles of the Business Edge program) in consultation with your subject matter experts.
    • Corporate Trainer Development: Our master trainers and training providers can train your line managers and subject matter experts in using the powerful process, methodology, and quality assurance that are the foundations of the Business Edge Program.
    • Strategic Performance Advisory: We can engage our full range of resources to co-create with you sustainable performance enhancement solutions to help your organization realize its long-term competitive strategy.