Introduction to Business Edge Courses

    The Business Edge offers a wide range of courses for SME owners, managers and staff as well as Training Professionals.

    Courses for Business Managers (SMEs)


    Business Edge® is a proprietary training solution. It is designed to improve management capacity and  business  performance. Based on best practices of management  around the world, its 59 world-class  courses address  management’s most critical issues in the areas of Personal Productivity SkillsGovernance, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Accounting, General Management and Operations, Marketing Management, and Tourism and Hotel Management. Business Edge has been used to train hundreds of thousands of individuals globally.

    Impact studies show that Business Edge has significant impact on workplace performance, real-world application, employability, bankability, revenues, investment, and job support. Learn more about Courses for Business Managers.

    Courses for Training Professionals (Trainers)


    Are trainers born or made? While some may have a  natural  flair or talent for training, at Business  Edge® we believe it  is possible to build and enhance the skills of all trainers,  whether one is brand new to the training scene or has been  involved in training for many years.

    At Business Edge® we have developed capacity-building courses to equip trainers for every training task. And for those interested in working with trainers to enhance their capacity, we have organized a parallel capacity-building program to equip master trainers. Learn more about Business Edge® Courses for Training Professionals.