Courses for Training Professionals (Trainers)

    Are trainers born or made? While some may have a natural flair or talent for training, at Business Edge® we believe it is possible to build and enhance the skills of all trainers, whether one is brand new to the training scene or has been involved in training for many years.


    Every trainer generally undertakes several key training tasks when providing training for a client: analysis of the training need; design of a training solution to meet that need; development of associated training materials; implementation of the training, including post-training follow-up to ensure transfer of learning to the workplace has occurred; evaluation of the training results; and revision as necessary. These key tasks are sometimes abbreviated by the acronym, ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation).


    At Business Edge® we have developed capacity-building courses to equip trainers for every ADDIE training task. And for those interested in working with trainers to enhance their capacity, we have organized a parallel capacity-building program to equip master trainers.


    Our approach is:

    Competency-based. We have analyzed the skills and sub skills involved in the typical trainer tasks of training needs analysis, instructional design, course customization, facilitation, coaching for learning transfer, and training impact assessment. Then we have created training programs which zero in on these skills – what it takes to become competent in them. Our courses aim to capitalize on the strengths you as a trainer already possess and equip you with additional skills that will not only enhance your professionalism but also your competitiveness.

    Modular. There is a right time to learn a skill – it often occurs when one has the distinct need to respond to a pressing demand, usually from a client! Our training is built upon a set of interlocking courses that can be taken in any order, to best meet your particular career growth needs and those pressing demands. Your skill-building program grows as you grow.

    Highly pragmatic. While all courses are built on sound learning principles, our main focus is on HOW to apply these principles efficiently, in order to help you become the most effective trainer you can be.


    Business Edge offers the following capacity-building courses for training professionals: