Training of Master Trainers (ToMT): Facilitating a Business Edge® Training-of-Trainers Workshop

    Target Audience

    This workshop is developed for selected master trainer candidates (Accredited Business Edge® Trainers or equivalent) who model Business Edge® trainer competencies as well as demonstrate interest and ability in trainer skill development.

    Existing master trainers who desire a refresher, managers with direct responsibility for training programs and administrators with indirect responsibility for training may also find this workshop useful.


    Participants for this workshop should have observed or completed Business Edge® Training of Trainers (ToT): Facilitation Skills  and Training of Assessors (ToA): Evaluating Trainer Effectiveness or equivalents.

    Course Objectives
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
    • Describe characteristics of trainer candidates and implications for you as a master trainer
    • Describe the design of the ToT workshop and how to use it to your advantage
    • Explain key expectations of you as a master trainer
    • Identify your training style and implications for your learners
    • Develop clear demonstrations of GLOSS, EASE, FEED and OFF formulas
    • Practice conducting short and long practices
    • Prepare useful oral and written feedback on trainer candidate performance
    • Identify strategies for dealing with anticipated group dynamics during a ToT
    • Describe next steps in the master trainer certification process

    Blended learning course
    This course uses a blended learning approach, combining three pre-workshop assignments and face-to-face training.

    Pre-workshop assignments

    The three pre-workshop assignments include:
    1. A set of preparatory questions (an activity called “Treasure Hunt”) to help you understand the content and design of the Training of Trainers workshop.
    2. A training style questionnaire and reflection to help you understand your personal training style.
    3. Your personal preparation of 4 examples respectively of the GLOSS, EASE, FEED and OFF formulas.
    The first assignment will be completed prior to the workshop. A teleconference will be arranged to review it, per the information below. The teleconference will also provide coaching with regard to the second and third pre-workshop assignments. The second assignment should also be completed prior to the workshop. It will be reviewed with your trainer and colleagues during the workshop. The third assignment should also be prepared in advance of the workshop. During the workshop, master trainer candidates will have an opportunity to present ONE or TWO demonstrations. The demonstration(s) presented will be chosen by lot.

    Face-to-face workshop

    The face-to-face workshop is an engaging hands-on training that will help you understand and practice for your role as a master trainer. During the course, your trainer will act as both instructor and facilitator, using a variety of learning methods to help you and your fellow participants share experiences and learn through participation in activities such as group discussions, case studies, role-playing, and games.

    This course is mandatory for those who are pursuing accreditation as a Certified Business Edge® Master Trainer.
    • Introduction to the workshop
    • Your learners: The trainer candidates
      • Skills and knowledge of trainer candidates
      • Motivations of trainer candidates
      • Implications for the master trainer
    • About the ToT workshop design
      • Understanding the key design elements of the ToT
      • Leveraging the workshop design
    • You as a Master Trainer
      • Expectations – 5 key tasks
      • Your training style
        • Brostrom training style inventory
        • Implications of your training style
    • Facilitating the ToT effectively
      • Giving and debriefing formula demonstrations
        • GLOSS
        • EASE
        • FEED
        • OFF
      • Conducting short & long practices and assessing candidates
        • Video case studies in giving oral feedback to trainer candidates
        • Case studies in giving written feedback to trainer candidates
        • Simulations in facilitating short and long practices
    • Managing group dynamics
      • Learner characteristics and training strategies for each stage of group formation
    • Next steps on your journey toward certification
    • Action planning
    Course Duration

    5 – 7 hours for pre-workshop assignments
    3 – 4 days for face-to-face workshop (depending on number of participants attending)