Appraising Performance

    Target Audience

    The Appraising Performance course is designed for managers who have staff reporting directly to them. They are likely to be directors, managers/deputy managers of departments, or supervisors in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


    Human Resource managers and personnel staff who coordinate performance appraisals for the company may also wish to attend this course to ensure they thoroughly understand the topic in order to support company management effectively in fulfilling its responsibilities of performance appraisal.

    The purpose of this course is to provide the skills needed by managers to conduct performance appraisals effectively; it is not to provide information on how to establish a performance appraisal process for a company.
    Course Objectives
    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
    • Describe common issues related to performance appraisal.
    • Explain the importance of performance appraisal.
    • Describe the process of performance appraisal.
    • Describe the content of an effective performance appraisal form.
    • Explain how to conduct effective meetings with staff regarding the outcome of their performance appraisal.
    • Describe how to establish the proper environment for a performance appraisal system for their companies.
    • Introduction to the workshop
    • Session 1: Common Issues with Performance Appraisal
      • Common issues encountered during performance appraisals
      • The current reality of performance appraisal in companies
    • Session 2: The Purpose and Benefits of Performance Appraisal
      • The benefits of performance appraisal
      • The concept of performance appraisal
      • Purposes of performance appraisal
    • Session 3: The Performance Appraisal Process and Necessary Tools
      • The performance appraisal process
      • The performance appraisal form
      • Common mistakes made in the performance appraisal process
      • Communicating the outcome of an performance appraisal
    • Session 4: Establishing the Proper Environment for Conducting a Successful Performance Appraisal
      • How to create an effective performance appraisal system for your company
      • How to inform managers and staff about the performance appraisal system
      • How to educate managers about their roles in the performance appraisal process
    • Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up
    Course Duration

    2 days (14 hours)