Planning and Controlling Work

    Target Audience
    The Planning and Controlling Work course is designed for:
    • Managers in SMEs, meaning those who manage a team and are responsible to the company for their work
    • Staff in SMEs, especially those who have to work in a group or perform multiple tasks at the same time
    This course will provide managers with skills for planning and task implementation, as well as job assignment and controlling, to ensure that objectives are achieved. The course will also provide staff with basic personal work planning skills for them to become familiar with a team environment and deal with multiple tasks at the same time.
    Course Objectives
    The purpose of the course is to help participants to apply planning and controlling work processes into their work, in order to achieve positive results. It also provides necessary tools for this process.At the end of the course, participants will be able to use basic planning and controlling work tools. In particular, participants will be able to:
    • Describe the planning and controlling work process.
    • Organize individual work effectively when dealing with multiple tasks.
    • Plan for a team project.
    • Apply controlling and monitoring techniques.
    • Plan and control work when sources are shared with others.
    • Introduction to the workshop
    • Session 1: The process of implementing work effectively
      • Definition of a task
      • The role of planning and controlling work
      • The process of implementing work
    • Session 2: Planning and controlling tasks for individual work
      • Planning your tasks: time management skills
      • Controlling your tasks
    • Session 3: Planning and controlling tasks for a team
      • Identifying the objectives and scope of a task
      • Identifying the things to do and steps involved
      • Understanding the process to carry out the task using PERT and GANTT charts
    • Session 3: Planning and controlling tasks for a team (continued)
      • Conducting resource planning and estimation of completed time
      • Starting to carry out the task
      • Controlling and adjusting during the implementation
    • Session 4: Planning and controlling work when resources are shared with othersSession 5: Practice using Microsoft Project Software
      • Issues that arise while performing multiple tasks
      • Planning and controlling work, when resources are shared with others
    • Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up
    Course Duration

    2 days (14 hours)