Motivating and Retaining Hotel Staff

    Target Audience

    The Motivating and Retaining Hotel Staff course is designed for participants who are owners or managers of small and medium hotels. It is intended to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills for creating a motivating work environment in which employees can feel happy and respected, thereby raising the quality of service and increasing staff loyalty to the hotel.


    The course is also designed to provide a quick fix to some problems of low job satisfaction in small and medium hotels. By giving hotel owners and managers the knowledge and skills to introduce some simple motivational techniques, we believe they will be able to counteract the problem of low employee satisfaction. However, this will not be a complete approach to the problem, since low satisfaction can also be related to training and development, the working environment, and the work process.


    Course Objectives
    After attending this course, participants are expected to be able to:
    • Explain the importance of having a highly motivated team.
    • Identify factors that motivate staff.
    • Identify ways hotels can motivate staff.
    • Explain how to impress staff from their first day at work.
    • Describe ten ways to motivate staff.
    • Describe two ways to measure staff satisfaction.
    • Introduction to the workshop
    • Session 1: The power of a highly motivated staff
      • What satisfies guests the most?
      • Where does excellent service come from?
    • Session 2: What makes staff motivated?
      • Factors that make staff motivated
      • What the hotel can do to motivate staff
    • Session 3: Building a highly motivated team
      • Create a sense of pride
      • Make staff love their jobs
      • Build a friendly and cooperative working environment
      • Review of day 1
    • Session 3: Building a highly motivated team (continued)
      • Being a good boss
      • Good compensation and benefits
    • Session 4: Measuring staff satisfaction
      • Satisfaction survey
      • Exit interview
    • Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up
    Course Duration

    1.5 days (10.5 hours)