About Business Edge

    Business Edge® is a training program developed by IFC to improve management capacity and business performance.

    Organizations from all over the world use Business Edge’s powerful system of  project management, methodology, capacity building, content creation, and quality assurance along with our world-class coursework to enhance the performance of their SME partners, to build their own internal training capacity, to create dynamic training content, and to develop cross-cutting initiatives to support their organizational strategy.

    Business Edge solutions come with:

    • Proven Impact on workplace performance, real-world application, employability, bankability, revenues, investment, and job creation. Around 165,000 individuals in 64 countries have been trained.
    • Global Reach of about 650 trainers and over 100 accredited training firms and IFC’s work in more than 100 countries mean that we can work with your organization at a location of your choice.
    • Trust by Top Organizations including companies, banks, chambers, and development sector organizations, who use Business Edge as a tool of transformation.
    • IFC's Expertise in private sector development around the world ensures that we have the highest quality of country staff, consultants, master trainers, training providers, and trainers working on creating solutions for you.