Executive Sustainable Finance Course 2017 at Oxford University

    An interesting opportunity for professionals from different sectors who want to expand their knowledge on sustainable finance and learn how to successfully make the case to investors.


    The residential workshop provides a basis of knowledge in emerging theories of financial change, risk and opportunity and an understanding of how to engage with financial-sector stakeholders for collaboration. You’ll have the chance to:

    • Engage critically with financial systems and theories in terms of: private and public finance and investment; innovative NGO financial strategies; and assessing financial information (including evaluating sustainability opportunities and risks).
    • Translate knowledge, information, and objectives from your work into evidence and motivation for engagement with the financial sector.
    • Frame your objectives in a way that is meaningful to financial decision-makers, exploring questions around: how financial engagement fits with your organisation’s broader strategy; and where opportunities for environmental leadership can be expanded.

    Take a look at the attached agenda, it includes an interesting reading list worth having a look at!

    Here is the link to the website of the course: Smith School of Enterprise and Environment