Disparate Typology

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    Disparate Typology






    Various observations have been made while following sustainability, climate relevant news items and connecting over Linked in.

    The following is not intentional as structured composition yet hopefully obtains a human relevance to global natural systems stability and the causal implications of human security, not as an explanation of the present state in completeness, yet beyond a typified perceptual capacity the points of observation that may be critical to any structure moving forward.


    1.1 Pathology

       Apparently insurmountable problems can lead to accommodation of pathological action, introspection is critical to intuitive if not technical assumptions of legality. Averse decision criteria puts groups of individuals outside of well accepted norms as a softening of legal stricture.

    1.2 Field Theory and Neutrality Unison Harmony and Polar Symmetry

       It is my theory that reflection in face is accompanied by a physical balance of symmetry in individuals as they interact. Ontology and innate registration is prefrontal and subconscious yet becomes intuitive assumption upon associative reflection. Humans exist within evolution as a consistent Schumann manifold as variable potential. In interactions that hinge on quantity the reference to low potential field (nature) is associative with other higher potential constructs like capitol allocation, the automation of this social matrix will only yield the potential ratio between individuals and referential schema. Acute jumps in potential can print as references to decisionmaking, however distention and competence that mutualise motive symmetry are advantageous.


    [ destruction ][ authority ] - [ competence ][ authority ]  Kn : Kn - Kn : Kn


    Where K denotes an approximation of complete graph or hypernetwork attribution an n denotes a cognitive node.



    1.3 Initiative and Justice

       As initiative realizes context and becomes fluid, failure to refer to correct bureaucratic or authoritative bodies results in social consciousness that desires amelioration however may respond as a trigger moreso than to due process. Engagement and intervention relaxes time constraints where ameliorative process is an expectation that interferes with execution. Initiatives like migration are signs of marginal instability, the tendency to class risk self propagates and is counterproductive to human security state. 



    1.4 Completion and Scale: Scaled Verbatim: Depth and Math

       Recent advances in both biological and computerized neural networks lend to nanotechnological duplication, physiology and remote transfection is becoming a cognition issue for legality (habeus) and international law, where quantity carbon is an issue. Evidence based policy is not favored by integrated energy and components of social demographic as individuated. Human augmentation is known and well grounded in community problem solving yet difficult to detect by the object. Questions of scale exist as motive as an accessible neurophysiology.   


    [ neurophysiology - system, data ][ nanotech, thinking about quantity ]


    If socialism portends consciousness of carbon quantity there is as well the tendency to justify negative objectives.



    1.5 Loose and Tight Evolution

        Considering the global mass of atmosphere and surface topography biomass as evolutionary without anthropogenic effect is a perceptual capacity, the ratio of affected to unaffected matter is at least 200:1, on the level of physical molecular behavior this has a tendency to create divergent vectors in evolutionary linear. Fine lattice constants are subjected to non-evolutionary radiation that does not reflect congruity of the developmental harmonic. Multimodal eigenvector analysis is an emerging observational tool where it is focused on evolution and articulation, kinetic behavior.   



    1.6 Rate of Transition

       Rate of transition is still at 30% input from those who oppose it, it is a psychological problem and a constitutional and international competence issue. Policy has been to refer international impacts to defense and treat the causation as a truncation of traceability through covert enterprise.

    There is moral hazard in the accommodation of some official policy especially in the domestic United States of America. Trajectories are sufficient to 1.5 degrees (the pre-feedback quantile carbon) by 15%. Rate of transition to non carbon infrastructure is an acute scheduling error.   



    1.7 Cloud and Renewable Energy Lock In

        Accessing flexible face interface with supply chain and mapping may be the beginning for development of an agile and timely deployment schedule, competition does not affect demand unless clients are alienated by inappropriate engagement. Block chain and entry is allocated to stable objects. Allocation as a function of attribution is in a timewise priority, additional input is not required where time constraints validate mutual contractual arrangements at present, liquidity is traded at a stability input with no limit.   .   


    [ human tendency for additional structure ][ additional deployment ]


    Translation is not real time for conversational interaction.

    Control economy may be a tenable theory for deployment criteria.

    1.8 Hyperthermia

       One of the most daunting yet actionable impact issues is temperature, this impact as a scientific divulgence issue is beyond classification as an issue of constitutional equanimity, similar to denitrification there is no cultural selection of risk or currency value that coincides with global mixing as a correct belief in class or a functionalized poverty, decision faliure is reflexive with criteria.   


    1.9 Stable Hydrology: Global Denitrification

       Regional timelines are multivariate yet only as much as thermaflow retains regional equilibrium, elevation and homogeneity of mixing propagates inconsistent downfall. The misconception that regions will experience a global threshold with some difference as a regional pattern may loose articulation as an increase in mixing.


    2.0  International Law and Associative Accuracy

       Crossing the boundary between sovereign states involves central decisionmaking that may be at odds with entry, extractive inputs to policy or hard power leverage serve as effectual discontinuity in social stability. How we think about motive and how we think about receptivity are contingent on context and actors, Immoral assertiveness is a moral and legal hazard. 


    [ assertiveness ][ destruction ][ authority ]  Kn geography - Kn social reflex -Kn assessment of social credibility


    2.1 Unity as a Legal Incorrectness: Mutual Initiative


    [ block-chain ][ legal status ][ trade practices ][ international ]



    2.2 Fear: Retention of Tenable Policy


    ( quantification ) ( carbon )


    Extension and Extremity as the Fundamental Normalcy ( destruction )( authority )

    Extension and Extremity as the Problem Solver ( stability )


    Universal Jurisdiction and Common Experience.


    Constraint Limit as National Input Where Fiscal Excursion Excludes Human Security. ( competence )(authority)

    Individual Decision Systems as a Reflection of Legality Exclude Threats to the Peace.



    Computation Approaches Analogue With Lattice Structure