IPCC - UNFCCC Paris 1.5

      IPCC - UNFCCC Paris 1.5

      United States Executive Branch

      Rights and Public, Res Publica

      Exclusion: Geopolicy Security Emption

      Constitutional Continuity Oversight and Due Process

      Psycho-social and Synergistic Expectation - Digital Currencies

      Legacy Continuity Scientific Information Deficit and Amelioration

      Quantity - Natural Systems Stability


    [ externality and structure: causation  - information ]
    [ material risk disclosure, disclosure and energy integration, carbon disclosure as a contingency to investment inclusion ]
    [ time - financial integration and abrupt internal decisions, weight, aggregation, algorithm trading ]


    [ ownership allocation and risk exposure, indexes bundled risk ]

    [ sovereign wealth funds impact regional ]

    [ cognition inclusion asymmetrical information internal information material risk ]

    [ disposition of aversion - information management and time elapsed - inaction ]

    [ divestment quantity elasticity ]


    [ volume value ]

    [ transition risks: supply shock, optimism, shares, management input ] [ scheduling ]

    [ defense stipulation ] [  IMF stipulation ]


    [ inclusion - reporting ]

    [ decision matrix for block chain, server systems - intranet - networks ] [ financial ] [ control structure decision authority public policy ]


    [ cognition inclusion asymmetrical information ]

    [ modelling  PRIMA ]

    Integrated Assessment Models


    Liquidity - Coupling


    I have included a list of Endorsing Partners hope this helps.


    Endorsing Partners: Global Compact of Mayors

    CDP Cities Alliance CityNet Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CCRE / CEMR) FLACMA (Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Municipal Associations) ICLEI Africa ICLEI East Asia ICLEI Europe ICLEI Latin America and Caribbean ICLEI North America ICLEI Oceania ICLEI South Asia ICLEI South East Asia Institute for Sustainable Communities Metropolis R20 - Regions of Climate Action The Climate Group UCLG Africa UCLG Asia Pacific (ASPAC) UCLG Middle East and Asia (MEWA) UN-Habitat UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change World Bank World Resources Institute (WRI) World Wildlife Fund