Placemaking Approaches in Transforming  Public Spaces into Vital Places

    Placemaking Approaches in Transforming Public Spaces into Vital Places


    Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 12:30 - 2:00pm

    Room MC 10-850

    Light lunch will be provided




    About the Speaker

    Fred Kent, Founder and President, Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

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    Fred is a leading authority on revitalizing city spaces and one of the foremost thinkers in livability, smart growth and the future of the city. As founder and president of Project for Public Spaces (PPS), he is known throughout the world as a dynamic speaker and prolific ideas man. Before founding PPS, Fred studied with Margaret Mead and worked with William H. Whyte on the Street Life Project, assisting in observations and film analysis of corporate plazas, urban streets, parks and other open spaces in New York City. The research resulted in the now classic, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, published in 1980, which laid out conclusions based on decades of meticulous observation and documentation of human behavior in the urban environment. In 1968, Fred founded the Academy for Black and Latin Education (ABLE), a street academy for high school dropouts. In 1970, and again in 1990, Fred was the coordinator and chairman of New York City’s Earth Day.