Road Rage in Canada

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    Road Rage is a rather new term in our vocabulary. Perhaps this is the reason most people don’t understand the gravity of such behavior. But road rage is something severe, something that can have serious, even deadly, consequences.


    According to PRNewswire, road rage incidents increase by 7% every year and 33% of Canadians are victims to road rage at least once a month.The main reason for these grim statistics is that people are more stressed nowadays. They live busy lives and are always on the run because, let’s face it; time is never enough. The lack of time causes stress and frustration, eventually leading to abnormal behaviors while driving. But though road rage has an explanation, it doesn’t have an excuse. Imagine what would happen if all the stressed people in this world would go into a rage every time they are late. We would have walking rage, waiting in line rage, computer rage and so on.


    According to research, between 1998 and 2000 there were 59 cases of road rage incidents reported in the newspaper. From those cases, 43 of them resulted in a nonfatal injury, while 4 of them had fatal consequences. There were also 43 criminal charges laid. That was 14 years ago, and road rage incidents increase every year.


    In Edmonton, a man with extreme road rage was involved in eight incidents over the past few years. He physically assaulted three people and tried to run another car off the road. Another man in Edmonton took out his baseball bat and hit another driver with it after being involved in an accident. Those are extreme cases that managed to get the attention of the press. But the real number of people falling victims to road rage is much higher.


    The worst thing about this kind of behavior is that it has somehow gotten “normalized” over time. Swearing in traffic and verbally assaulting other drivers doesn’t seem abnormal anymore. It may not get to physical violence in most cases, but don’t underestimate the effects of road rage. It causes drivers to lose their focus, and fatal accidents may occur.

    The best way you can fight road rage is to sanction it every time you encounter it. Get their license plate and sue them. Hire a lawyer and receive compensation for what you’ve suffered. You can consult with an excellent injury lawyer, and he will advise you on how to proceed next. The law is on your side and, with the increasing number of road rage incidents, the judges have become stricter. You have an excellent chance of winning. And the best part is that, aside from the material compensation you receive, you will also put an end to a dangerous behavior and save innocent lives.


    You see, if a bad behavior is not punished, it will continue. You may think that it’s too much to sue a driver that has given you the finger in traffic. But if there are no consequences, the finger will become a fist. And, eventually, that driver will end up actually hurting somebody. In order to prevent this kind of behavior from spreading and affecting your safety, you need to have zero tolerance for it.


    Also, it is equally important to control your own road rage. It is normal to get annoyed in traffic. It is abnormal to endanger other drivers and yourself because of it. The best cure for road rage is to always keep in mind that life is too precious to waste it because of a bad moment.