China - Design Manual for Low Carbon Development (CSCP)

    This 2012 report is still relevant and provides transit-oriented design guidelines for cities in China, although is useful around the world. It was written as part of the Low-Carbon Cities Program.


    The report is divided into Land Use and Urban Design and Circulation Systems, and provides two case studies, Chenggong New Town and Yuelai Eco-City.


    Eight design principles for low-carbon urban development:

    1. Develop neighborhoods that promote walking.
    2. Prioritize bicycle networks.
    3. Create dense networks of streets and paths.
    4. Support high quality transit.
    5. Zone for mixed-use neighborhoods.
    6. Match density to transit capacity.
    7. Create compact regions with short commutes.
    8. Increase mobility by regulating parking and road use


    You can find more about the authors of the report here: