2017-19 - Georgia, Batumi Bypass

    2017-19 - Georgia, Batumi Bypass

    Road project. Project of regional significance, would improve connections with Turkish and possibly of interest for NIF.

    2017-19 - Georgia, Batumi Bypass (map).png

    Technical description
    The project is included in the national transport master plan/strategy.
    • Length : 16,17 km
    • Number of lanes: 2 lanes
    • Number of bridges: 21 with total length of 4263 m
    • Number of tunnels: 5 with total length 3808 m
    Roads Department of Georgia, Ministry of regional development and infrastructure
    Investment amount
    The total estimated cost of the project is 200 mln. USD.
    Implementation schedule
    Expected time for the implementation of project 2017 - 2019. Starting of construction works is planned for 2017.
    Detailed project design is ready.

    Resettlement procedure will start in 2016.

    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
    AADT Estimates:

    Year 2014: 3646 vehicles

    Year 2023: 5478 vehicles

    Year 2033: 7729 vehicles

    Source of Funding
    ADB (Asian Development Bank)
    Information provided by Georgia Road Department



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