2017 - Georgia, Secondary Road Improvement Project


    2017 – Georgia, Secondary Road Improvement Project

    Road project. The project road is a 50.404-km west to east secondary road, starting from E60 in Dzirula and ending at E60 junction at Chumateleti. Most of the project road is within Imereti Region with a few kilometers within Shida Kartli Region, through a gorge with mountain ranges with on both the northern and southern part.

    2017 - Georgia, Secondary Road Improvement Project (map).png

    Technical description
    The project focuses on improving the existing section of Dzirula-Chumateleti a 50 km two lane secondary road. The details of the proposed road project are:
    • Rehabilitate and pave the project road from Dzirula to Chumateleti according to Georgian National Standard for Public Motor Roads (SST Gzebi 2009), Geometrical and Structural  Requirements  with 40  km/h  design speed.  The  pavement within  Kharagauli  town may remain as is since this is still in fair to good pavement condition.
    • Replace or repair of 19 bridges and 149 culverts.
    • Construction of side drains and other drainage structures.
    • Provision of retaining walls and river protection measures, where necessary.
    • Provision of adequate road signing and marking.
    • Provision of safety barriers.

    The design elements for the cross section of the project road are as follows:

    • Number of lanes: 2
    • Lane width: 3.00 m
    • Carriageway width:6.00 m
    • Width of shoulder: 1.00 m (of which 0.50 m is paved)
    • Increase of shoulder on embankment: 0.50 m
    • Total road width: 9.00 m

    2017 - Georgia, Secondary Road Improvement Project (map, technical description).png

    The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure
    Investment amount
    Tentative estimate of $80.00 million
    Implementation schedule
    Planned 2017
    Feasibility study completed
    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
    It is envisioned that this road, when improved, will enhance connectivity to a number of towns and villages at the foothills of the mountain ranges and can act as alternate route to parallel segments along E-60.
    Source of Funding
    ADB (Asian Development Bank)



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