2012 - Belarus, Study on Common Border Crossing Points Management Schengen - Russia - Belarus

    In the ‘Study on Integrated Border Crossing Points Management between Schengen Area and Russia/Belarus’ the study covers the geographical area of border-crossing points cover of Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and partly, areas in Finland, Russia and Norway and reaches over 800 000 m2.


    The study area encompasses border-crossing points between Russia-Belarus and the rest Schengen countries neighboring Russia and Belarus. Countries are located in Northern-East Europe and Baltic Sea region. This area is of high interest due to some specific characteristics:


    • Norwegian / Russian border crossings connect ports and areas of high logistics importance
    • Finnish BCPs facilitate major inland flows between St. Petersburg and Moscow to Sweden and Norway
    • Baltic countries share common interests on channeling freight and passenger flows to/from Moscow. In particular, special attention should be paid on efficiency of flows between Russia-Belarus and Baltic EU countries
    • Significant road transport corridors cross these states providing logistics interface, both for goods and passengers. Such crucial route links Berlin via Warsaw, Minsk to Moscow (Study Report on Common Border Crossing Points Management between Schengen Area and Russia/Belarus, 2012).



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