2016-17 - Georgia, Tbilisi-Rustavi Urban Road (Tranche 2, 3)


    2016-17 - Georgia, Tbilisi-Rustavi Urban Road (Tranche 2 and 3)
    Road project. Tbilisi-Rustavi Road entails a four-lane urban link between Tbilisi (population: 1.2 million) and the city of Rustavi (population: 117,000.00). This road is also part of the East-West Highway connecting Azerbaijan with the Black Sea.

    2016-17 - Georgia, Tbilisi-Rustavi Urban Road (Tranche 2 and 3).png

    Technical description
    18 km (three section-phases), four-lane urban link, mainly concrete road.
    The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (Executive agency is Municipal Development Fund of Georgia)
    Investment amount
    Section 2 estimated cost is $70 mln.

    Section 1 and 3 are completed.

    Total project cost is about $100 million.
    Implementation schedule
    Construction time
    Section 1 and 3: construction has been completed.
    Section 2 is under bidding. Construction estimated time is 17 months. Estimated cost is $70 mln.
    Implementation schedule
    Section 2 - 2017
    Section 1 and 3 completed
    Section 2 under bidding
    Expected impacts on transport, environment, social, other
    Improved urban environment, local economy and better living conditions within urban areas.
    Source of funding
    ADB (Asian Development Bank)



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